Engage Your Fanbase Podcast 021: Live Consult- Rebranding your Band

#EngageYFKara and Solveig return for take #2 of the live consulting session.  This week we talk with Erin Harpe of Lovewhip and Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers. The podcast discussion centers on topics of re-branding, including: • Branding for front women (female band leaders)• How to name your band […]

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Engage Your Fanbase Podcast 018: Killer Band Branding and Bios that Rock

#EngageYFIn week 18’s episode, on Monday 4/18/16 @ 9 pm EST, my cohost Erwin and I will be talking about band branding and why it’s essential that you understand its importance for your music. We’ll also be talking about how to incorporate your band brand into your all-important bio! Here’s […]


Tips for Live Streaming Shows for Musicians

On Tuesday March 22nd I had the opportunity to speak with two awesome individuals who are really helping make live music streaming easier and more accessible for musicians.  On the 16th Engage Your Fanbase episode I spoke with Balarama Warner and Sarah Bourque of ShowtheShow.com.  Balarama (or Bali as he […]

Engage Your Fanbase Podcast 017: How to Rock at Publicity

#EngageYFIn week 17’s episode, on Tuesday 3/29/16, my cohost Erwin and I got to talk with music writer Sarah Bourque and publicist Carly Shields again, this time about music publicity from the writer’s and the publicist’s perspectives. Some topics we covered included how to get publicity for your music, how to […]



Engage Your Fanbase Podcast 016: Live Streaming for Musicians, with ShowtheShow.com

#EngageYFIn week 16’s episode, my cohost Erwin and I talk with Balarama Warner and Sarah Bourque of ShowtheShow.com about their relatively new live streaming site.  Showtheshow.com curates live music show streams from across the web, giving artists a place to share their upcoming streams, enhancing their exposure.  Our conversation will center around […]

Engage Your Fanbase Podcast 015: How to Make the Most of Festival Season

#EngageYFIn week 15’s episode, my cohost Erwin and I talk with Carly Shields of Jet Trails Media.  Our conversation centers around how to position your band to be attractive to festivals, how to get fans to come to your set and how to engage with fans at festivals, making the most […]

Crowds Enjoying Themselves At Outdoor Music Festival

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Engage Your Fanbase Podcast 014: Secrets to Boosting Your CD Release

#EngageYFIn week 14’s episode, my cohost Erwin and I talk about how to make the most of your next CD release.  Topics covered include figuring out your release strategy, how to maximize your music’s online presence, publicity, releasing your single, and touring around your album. Catch the Audio Here And of […]